Crystal Wedding anniversary

It is customary for couples to get together to celebrate their crystal anniversary. As a celebrant, you are the lucky couple who has the honor of bringing your special someone back to life. The anniversary is the perfect opportunity to make sure that you have given her the life-long happiness she deserves. Here are five ways you can keep her in your thoughts and in your hearts for all eternity.

Crystal anniversary jewelry. She will remember the special day as the day she met her husband. Crystal necklaces with her name engraved on them are always a hit. Get the necklace made especially for her and set it at the foot of her bed. Do not forget to give her a matching necklace for her dog or best friend.

Crystal favors. Celebrate by giving her something homemade that she can always use. There are so many wonderful things to make that are sure to please your anniversary and make her feel as if she is having her own wedding!

Jewelry for your wedding. If you have a crystal flower design you can imprint on your wedding bands. Set it on top of a crystal vase. Display it during the reception. All the guests will be dazzled by your new love and how you treat him as your own.

Crystal dinnerware. Gift her a dining set made from crystals. This will remind her of your wedding even years later. You will find many stunning designs on the internet. You can give her an engraved one as well, so that she can use it when her husband comes home.

Crystal diamond rings. Silver, gold or white metal ring in a beautiful design will look elegant on her finger. You can also go with a large stone setting. This is sure to spark her interest, make her feel like royalty, and take her to a new level of feeling good about herself.

She will remember you as the right thing for her. She knows that you took her to the top of her expectations and made her happy in every way. Whether you went out for a glass of wine after dinner or had a romantic picnic under the stars, she will always remember how special you were and how much you cared.