How to celebrate the 30th wedding anniversary

The question of what is the 30th anniversary of a certain celebrity is not only interesting but also very important. This makes it a little bit more enjoyable to answer the question and give you an answer that you like to hear. The anniversary of a celebrity is a great time to remember, they are immortalized in history for their greatness.

So this is where the puzzle comes in and the question arises how many famous people are there? Well the answer to this question is not as easy as you may think and as far as age goes the answer is simple and yes; it is many.

The first thing to do is to ask who is the person you like the most and take a look at your record book to see if there is any kind of long, well liked kind of records. These days it seems that everyone can be famous as long as they can get on TV and they have an internet connection. So if you do not see any other person that is on a comparable record, then they are probably not very famous.

In fact, certain celebrities that come to mind when you think of legendary ones are Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, Marilyn Monroe, Lady Gaga, Bill Clinton, Peter O’Toole, Jackie Kennedy, Sir Edmund Hillary, Muhammad Ali, Bruce Lee, Florence Nightingale, Fannie Lou Hamer, and even Elvis Presley, even though he was not considered a famous person he still comes to mind as much as he did when he was alive. This is because when you look at his early life it really says a lot about him and that legacy has lasted forever.

Think about how the line faces out from you or even out from your home as you walk down the street. What you would be in awe of at first would seem so small by the time you reach the other side and look back and see all of the faces and honours behind him.

There are many other things that you can use in your mind when you are trying to answer the question, such as, what was the last album released by a certain celebrity? What was the last film he was in? What has been the last song that he sang?

The answer to this question is always difficult, but what if you had a list and you could turn around to get the answer? It would be a great way to answer the question and I am sure you will enjoy it for many years to come.