Gift ideas to celebrate your seventh wedding anniversary

Not every number is emblematic like the lucky seven. The seventh wedding anniversary not might be a landmark anniversary like the tenth, twentieth or fiftieth anniversary. But to the ones who are walking towards the seven years of marriage, this is going to be a wonderful anniversary. By this time, you would know about each other very well, so it would be easy to make the occasion a thoughtful one.

But in some cases, you might feel challenging to shop for your wife, even though she is the person who is close to you. Wondering how to make the day special? There is a range of gift ideas for the seventh anniversary that is both practical and symbolic.

The traditional material of the seventh wedding anniversary is wool or copper. For centuries, copper was the symbol of balance, beauty and affection. On the other hand, wool is the symbolic and practical representation of security, comfort and warmth. The new list of gifts marks with desk sets or roses. We have got a list of anniversary gifts ideas which would help you combine practicality and symbolism into a single anniversary gift. So let’s go through these gift ideas to find out the right one for her.

  • Copper jewellery

As copper works easily, most of the jewellery makers prefer to work with them. So why don’t you give her copper bracelets or bangles? That would be a wonderful gift for your lady. But you need to find out whether she is allergic to it, as some of the people are allergic to them.

  • A floral gift

Flowers are romantic gifts which can create a romance which would last a lifetime. So why don’t you give her a rose that would last forever? A red rose dipped in rose gold would be the perfect gift to express your true feelings for your wife on this particular occasion.

  • Wool blanket

One of the distinct ways to relate wool to an anniversary is to get a wool throw blanket. A high-quality blanket would last for a long time providing some cosy evenings. So why don’t you make the day memorable by planning a night out under the shade of stars where you can use the wool throw blanket.