How to choose the right wedding decor

Today most of the couples become more creative when it comes to their wedding decorations to create a wedding ceremony which is memorable and personal. Before you choose the decorations, you will have to fix a theme or a color.

Whether you are planning to have a winter style, beach wedding or a vintage style wedding, there are decorations for all your preferences.

The extent of your decorations depends on factors such as your budget and venue. You can even stick to one type of decoration according to your budget. However, there are few elements that you can incorporate to your wedding decorations such as the wedding flowers, wedding cake, table linen with the napkins, etc.

How to use flowers for your decorations

Having flower arrangements that you can use for the ceremony and later on transfer for the reception to use as the centerpieces in the table would be a great way to use the flowers while balancing your budget.

However, there are various ways in which you can use flowers for your decorations. You can use hanging flower garlands, wrap some flowers around the pillars or the beams and flowered archways would add glamour to your venue. You can even scatter some rose petals on the tables.

Other various decorations

Other than flowers, you can use candles as it is popular among the couples today. You can use multiple colors of candles to make a romantic scene with scents. You can even use lanterns, either the paper ones or the metal lanterns.

Today most of the couples prefer to decorate various indoor trees with lights or ornaments which reflect the theme of the wedding. However, some of the couples use the outdoor furniture such as the iron benches and tables in an indoor venue to add a unique beauty to the wedding.