Gifts for your 30th wedding anniversary

Having a 30 year anniversary is an exciting time. It may be hard to imagine, but having a thirty year anniversary is actually easier than you might think. The hardest part is the celebration of the actual event.

Sometimes the anniversary has become a birthday party, where people celebrate it even if they have not actually experienced it. Once a person reaches the age of thirty, they are considered old enough to celebrate. There are no rules or restrictions in celebrating a thirty year anniversary. What matters is that the anniversary is important.

The anniversary celebration can either be in person or over the phone, and over the internet if desired. If you wish to have a surprise party, with cake and a bottle of champagne, you could call the anniversary celebration through the internet.

The celebration of the anniversary must include all of the family members. This could involve all the family members visiting each other and catching up. Each member of the family should bring something special for the celebration. You may choose to bring gifts, or get together for some time spent with your family members.

Each member of the family must put a special dedication on their own anniversary. Have them write a message about what it means to them to see each other every year, or what they like about being a family. They may even choose to write about something special they did together, like decorating the house, or going to the park together.

When the anniversary party is over, everyone will go home. Make sure everyone attends the homecoming dance together. They should eat the same kind of food, as each of them got to share. After all the food is gone, they will finish each other’s dishes and they can spend some time playing some board games.

At the end of the celebration, make sure everyone gets a big cake. All you need to do is offer a thank you card, and ask each of them to send a message of what they wish their anniversary to have been. The card should contain a little story and all the memories from the event.