Tips to plan a bridal shower

Guest list

As you are the person who is hosting the party, you can decide the size of it. You need to concern about your budget when planning a bridal shower, so you need to concern about your venue. You can discuss with the bride about the guests she wants to have on the bridal shower. She might sometimes need only her close friends and family or the friends at her work.

Fix a theme and a budget

The amount of food you need for the shower would fix according to the time of day you have the bridal shower. You can host the bridal shower lightly by giving an evening party for your guests.

When it comes to a theme, make sure that your concern about the styles and the colors the bride to be would love. However, it is essential to plan the shower according to the tastes of the bride as it is one of the crucial days in her life.

Send invitations

Whether you are sending invitations or emails, ask for an RSVP so you can easily find out who would attend the shower and who don’t. Make sure that you make a guest list before sending the invitations so that you won’t miss anyone.

Have a few fun activities

A bridal shower would be incomplete without any fun activities, so make sure that you arrange a few favorite games of the bride to keep the guests entertained. But some of the guests may not find games much entertaining, so why don’t you arrange some beautiful music with a dance floor?

Provide the bride a gift list

With the excitement of this particular day, the bride would not most probably remember who gave what gifts, so make sure that you have a list of who gave what gives to the bride so that it would help her to write the thank you notes for the guests.